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term and papers and more and more term papers on africa

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Term papers on AFRICA

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term papers and more and more term papers on Africa

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Term Papers On Africa

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Term Papers and more and more Term Papers on Africa

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africa term papers .. termpapers on Africa

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Africa - Term Paper and Term Papers -- Examples Of Papers On Africa

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Africa / A Continental Overview : A 6 page essay providing an overview of the continent’s history, geography, religion and art. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Afrpor.wps

Changes In South Africa / Coming Of The White Man : A 4 page paper analyzing the influences of imperialism on South Africa from 1870-1936. The author presents the social and individual impact of colonization of South Africa by the White, Christian European (British) forces and the impact that changes introduced had upon the pre-existing tribal structures. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Afrosout.wps

After Apartheid : A 2 page essay about sociopolitical conditions for Blacks in South Africa since the collapse of apartheid. Bibliography lists 4 references. Aparaftr.wps

South Africa / Political & Social Change Since The End Of Apartheid : This 8 page paper looks at contemporary South Africa. Ideas from Nelson Mandela's "Long Walk to Freedom" are included. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Safrica.wps

Managerial Practices In South Africa / After Apartheid : A 10 page research paper exploring changes in managerial practices since the collapse of the Apartheid system. Significant changes are being made in the structure of business practices in the last few years. Aggressive promotion of privatization and Black empowerment are two of the changes that are having major impacts on how businesses are run in the country. More specifically, some companies are beginning to implement management techniques associated with successful businesses in other countries. These changes and their effects are discussed in this paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Samgt.wps

Modern South Africa / History, Government & Bureaucracy : This 12 page paper looks at how modern South Africa came into being. The writer assesses what the country’s primary challenges were . .  and still are. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Safri.wps

(The) Soweto Uprising : 15 pages in length. A comprehensive research paper on the Soweto uprising arguing that "it was not simply the nature of Bantu Education itself, but changing economic policies of the government, the changing demographics of students in the townships, and the ideals of Black consciousness, which led to the initial three day uprising and the following six months of protest, fighting, strikes, and demands for a change in the regime of South Africa." Four sources cited. Afrotown.wps

Doing Business in South Africa : 3 pages of research discussing obstacles faced by foreign (U.S.) businesses wishing to operate in South Africa since apartheid. Focus is on Goodyear. 4 sources listed in bibliography. Apartbus.wps

Contemporary South Africa : A 9 page paper that looks at the economic, political and social changes in the newly developing South Africa outside of the rule of apartheid. Since the first free election in that country in 1994, a number of changes have occured that are directly related to the new political order of the country and have pushed South Africa into the forefront of developing nations. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Soutafri.wps

African-American Art & Apartheid : A 5 page paper that considers the impacts of African American art and artists on the transition from Apartheid rule and suggest that the prevellence of compassionate correlations made in American art have underscored the imperative of black artists in South Africa. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Afra.wps

If South Africa Can Do It, So Can Israel & Northern Ireland ! : A 6 page research paper on South Africa's maintenance of a more "free" society. The writer offers this country as a model to others -- still suffering from socio-political turmoil because of race relations. Included in the discussion are comparisons with Northern Ireland, Israel, etc; Essentially, the paper analyzes how South Africa overcame Apartheid on the dominant political reign of Afrikaners -- offering ideas for these two other race/religion-torn countries in particular. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Soafrica.wps

Nelson Mandela / Life & Struggle : A 4 page research paper discussing the life of Nelson Mandela. Mandela fought his entire life for freedom, equality, an end to apartheid. He completed a law degree through correspondence and practiced briefly. He was convicted of treason and served 27 years of a life sentence. He was elected President of South Africa in 1994, the first election in which black citizens were allowed to vote. Bibliography included. Mandela.wps

Nelson Mandela’s "Long Walk to Freedom" : A 5 page paper giving personal thoughts, reactions and analysis of this book by Nelson Mandela. Mandela2.wps

Nelson Mandela’s Speech As Song : A 6 page paper comparing the inaugural speech of Nelson Mandela with the performance of Verdi’s Radames in the opera Aida, and exploring the ways in which a knowledge of the structure of music can lead to a deeper understanding of public addresses. Mandela’s use of technique quietly and politely leads his audience to the point that they want more, even though a significant percentage of his audience was white. Both the black and the white could easily supply the unstated meaning of the progression through which Mandela led them. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nelman.wps

The Impact of Apartheid On The Musical Cultures Of South Africa : A 2 page paper that considers the impact of Apartheid and social oppression on the progression of musical cultures through out the country. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Samusic.doc

Manchester Conferences / Africa 1945, 1990 : A 4 page essay on the differences between these two conferences in terms of attendees, stated goals, aftermath and ongoing consequences. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Africonf.wps

Casablanca v. Monrovia : A 4 page essay on the various effects and use of democracy among the Casablanca group and the Monrovian group (1963) in Africa. The writer posits that the leaders of some of the African nations within these groups have failed to come to terms with the socialist-democratic issue. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Casamonr.wps

Waiting for Equality : A 6 page piece on the African Slave Trade, relating the European and American (Atlantic) history and economics of the trading of African peoples. The paper postulates, though citations, that there is a lot yet to be done for total equality and a hope for that future. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Slavet.wps

Inequities In The Development Of Modern Africa : A 6 page paper that reflects the political, social and economic development in Africa in the post World War II era and considers the inequities that exist between the government and social elites and the tribes and working populations of many countries in the sub-Saharan region of the continent. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mafrica.wps

The Subtle Rebellion Of African Slaves : 5 pages in length. Ever since slavery was a reality, the enslaved Africans fought to find their way back to freedom. Some methods called for violence; others were more subtle and intellectual. The writer examines these methods and touches upon the reason violent uprisings so rarely accomplished their goal. Subtler.wps

The Geography Of Egypt : A 20 page paper discussing geographical aspects of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Egyptgeo.doc

Aswan High Dam : In 8 pages, the writer analytically discusses the Aswan High Dam on the Nile River in Egypt, giving an analysis of the sociopolitical aspects involved. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Aswanhi.wps

The Sudan : A 20 page paper on the land, government, and people of Sudan. The paper discusses some of the more interesting and relevant points of the Sudan and gives a little information on some things that someone might want to do there if they were to visit. There is a big map at the end of the paper as well as five smaller maps that help to identify certain points of interest. Extensive bibliography included. Sudan1.wps

Rwanda 1994 : A 5 page paper discussing the incident in 1994 that took place in Rwanda, South Africa, whereby nearly one million people were mercilessly slaughtered as a result of careful words on the part of officials who instigated the rage and anger. An analysis of the book "Season of Blood," by Fergal Keane, is a large part of the paper as this book details nearly anything of importance to the ugly reality of the story. While some may ignorantly claim it was age old prejudices that led to this genocide, it is most obviously not prejudices that fired the people up to the point of behaving in such inhumane fashion. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Rwand.wps

Rwanda / The Wrong Color For The World’s Morality : A 5 page essay in which the writer explores the reasons for the international community’s lack of moral backbone during the Rwandan massacres in 1994. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Rwanda4.wps

The Rwandan Civil War : A 5 page overview of the conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes of Rwanda which culminated in a bloody civil war in 1994 in which the Hutu majority tried to exterminate the Tutsi minority. The writer gives the historical background which led up to this conflict showing the multiple causal factors which contributed to this genocidal effort. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Hututsi.wps

Sierra Leone / Exemplary Of The "Third World" : An 8 page research paper on this tiny African country located in the "bulge" of Africa. The writer discusses the country’s history, ethnic, and economic background as well as the recent political unrest which has plagued the country. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Sierral.wps

Zaire, Past & Present : A 7 page paper discussing an overview of Zaire, its history and social background and recent political developments. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Zaire.doc

Problems in African Countries : Approximately 8 pages worth of notes & overview of socio-political problems in various African countries including : Zaire, Nigeria, Algeria, Sudan... Bibliography lists 7+ sources. Afriprob.wps

The Political Success And Fall Of Kwame Nkrumah : An 11 page paper that discusses three aspects of Nkrumah's politics. These are: inspiration for political theories, his rise to power, and his fall. The paper addresses Nkrumah's philosophies and affiliations generally, his communistic affiliations, his affiliation with George Padmore that brought him to power, and the internal and external political decisions he made affecting the overthrow of the Nkrumah government. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Nkrumah.doc

The Algerian Revolution : A 6 page overview of the Algerian Revolution. The writer concentrates on the role of the various Algerian factions and the French government in the events leading up the revolution. Bibliography lists eight sources. Algeriar,wps

Ghana & The Effects Of Decolonization : A 10 page analysis of the historical colonization of Ghana, the effects of decolonization affecting the nation today, and how that history should and should not be applied to decolonization practices as proposed by modern-day philosophers. The paper discusses the problems being experienced by the lower classes and how the philosophers suggest changing that problem while relying on African strengths exhibited throughout history. Ghana, as the African nation leader for change, has much to offer from a historical and modern-day viewpoint. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Ghanad.wps

Mali’s Economic & Political Systems / Then & Now : a 14 page report that traces the origins of the Mali Empire from inception to the modern African republic. The decline of a wealthy, prosperous state to one that is riddled with poverty and hardship is discussed in terms of governmental structures and economic conditions. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Mali.wps

Solving the Problems of a Third World Country / Mali : An insightful 6 page report in which the writer attempts to act as a Malian leader and solve various socio-political problems in Mali. All answers are well-though and based upon documented research. Included in the discussion are : desertification, education, health care, political climate, and more. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Maliagen.wps

The Development of Morocco : A 10 page paper discussing the North Africa nation of Morocco and its program of development. The writer illustrates how Morocco is a model of a successful third world nation embarking on a partnership with the United States in behalf of its own progress. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Devmoroc.wps

African Tribal Culture / Rites Of Passage : This 12 page paper focuses upon a number of African rites of passage as they pertains to young men. The Bushmen, Toma, Gisu, Makonde and Masai tribes are among those highlighted. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Rites.wps

Dogon Religion : A 10 page paper discussing how the Dogon of Mali, Africa, view the origin of the world and how it is connected with astronomy. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Dogonrel.wps

Birth Twins & Symbolism In African Religion / The Dogon : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of twins in African religion and ritual, with a focus on both symbolic and birth twins in Dogon tribes. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Afrtwins.wps

The Dogon Religion & Animals : A 10 page research paper which explores the animistic aspect of religious belief in this primitive African culture. The writer discusses the role that animals play in Dogon rituals which predict the future, and also gives a possible explanation for the mystery surrounding the impressive knowledge of this primitive tribe regarding the star cluster which makes up the "dog star," Sirius A and B. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Dogon.doc

The Cattle-Complex Society Of The Barabaig : A 5 page essay on the part that cattle play in the society and culture of the Barabaig tribe of Tanzania. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Cattelco.wps

Cultural Comparison of Non-Verbal Communications / Ghana vs. U.S.A. : A 5 page paper on non-verbal communications in Ghana (Africa) as compared with those in the United States. Ways to convey interest, arouse attention with facial expressions, make motions & gestures, communicate mood or attitude with clothing, etc; are examined. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Nonvergh.wps nonverbal

Culture & Religion in Three African Countries : 7 pages in length. Discusses cultures, religions, and histories of three African countries : Zimbabwe, Egypt, and South Africa. Concludes with a brief comparison of these three. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Afr3cult.wps

Ethnic Slave Rebellions In The Caribbean & Bahia : A 7 page comparative review of two journal articles on Colonial slavery in the Caribbean & Bahia, treatment of the enslaved, measures to combat slave resistance, ethic slave revolts, etc.; The writer is extremely informative, analytical, and pays great attention to detail. No Bibliography. Slavarti.wps

French Colonial Policy / The Berbers vs. The Arabs : This 15 page paper discusses French colonial policy as applied toward the Berbers of Morocco and compared to the policy France adopted relating to the Arabs. The report includes a brief history of the Berbers, examples of the French attitude regarding the Berbers, and French and Arab relations. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Berber.wps

Film Review : A 2 page reaction essay to the movie "This Magnificent African Cake." Film depicted the hypocrisy of imperialistic conquest of Africa by European countries during the early 20th century. No bibliography. Africake.wps

Egypt / Her History and Future : An 8 page history of Egypt. The writer discusses land holdings, industries, tourism, people, crops, and water crisis. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Egypt.wps

Egypt & India / A Comparison Of Cultures : A 6 page outline of the cultural similarities between Egypt and India. Emphasis is placed on familial structure. Bibliography lists four references. Egyindia.wps

Somalia / An Essay On The Economics Of Famine : A 1 page essay on hunger in Somalia in which the writer presents a brief overview of agricultural & economic problems as well as their implications for the region and the world. No bibliography. Somaleco.wps *TOTAL FOR THIS ESSAY ONLY $9.95